Calc: Replace "\n" with linebreaks

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Calc: Replace "\n" with linebreaks

Postby musikai » Mon Dec 18, 2017 11:52 pm

The normal Search and replace in Calc can't be used to replace "\n" with real linebreaks.
This will do it and set optimal ColumnWidth and RowHeight.

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sub calc_replaceLinebreak_UsedArea
Doc = ThisComponent
If Doc.SupportsService("") Then
exit sub
end if
Sheet = Doc.Sheets.getByIndex(0)
oCursor = Sheet.createCursor()

for i=0 to oCursor.RangeAddress.EndColumn
for j=0 to oCursor.RangeAddress.EndRow
Sheet.getCellByPosition(i,j).string = replace(Sheet.getCellByPosition(i,j).string,"\n",chr(10))
'Sheet.getCellByPosition(i,j).string = replace(Sheet.getCellByPosition(i,j).string,chr(10),"\n")
next j
next i

rem---Set Optimal RowHeight
for k=0 to oCursor.RangeAddress.EndRow
oRow = Sheet.getRows().getByIndex(oCursor.RangeAddress.EndRow-k)
rem---Set oOptimal ColumnWidth
for m=0 to oCursor.RangeAddress.EndColumn
oColumn = Sheet.getColumns().getByIndex(oCursor.RangeAddress.EndColumn-m)
end sub
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