WorldCup.odb soccer database

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WorldCup.odb soccer database

Postby Villeroy » Sun Jun 08, 2014 10:45 am

2018-May-10: Added data for this year's world cup in Russia
Brazil 2014
The attached document is a somewhat sophisticated, easy-to-use database pre-filled with the competing nations of the FIFA world cup series 1998-2014 (competitions starting with 32 coutries and very similar rules). For the upcoming sport event in Brazil fill in the results (goals) into the "Group Stage" form and then in the form named "Knock Out Stage". That's all.

Any other stored tournament
Call any of the forms in the setup folder, select a tournament from the list box and hit the push button to store the current tournament and update the form. The "Group Stage" form and the "Knock Out" form will refer to the modified current tournament after reloading the form or pushing the refresh button.

You may want to use the first form in the setup folder to translate the country names from English into Portuguese or whatever. You may also translate a few English labels on the user forms by opening the form documents for editing (right-click> Edit....). They are ordinary Writer documents.

For similar contests to come:
Call the form "1. Translations and Tournaments" in the setup folder. There you may translate the English country names and enter a new tournament with year, host, description.
Call the form "2. Initial Groups" in the setup folder and fill in 32 different countries into 8 groups.
The third setup form lets you adjust the knock-out stage pairings. They had been slightly different in the tournaments between 1998 to 2014.
All 3 setup forms include a tournament selector list box where you select the current tournament for the 2 result forms (group stage and knock-out).

Issues and things to do:
-- There is one report "Group Stage (LibreOffice)" demonstrating AOO's inability to run certain reports: It runs fine with LibreOffice.
 Edit: Fixed by revision 2014-06-10 
The report shows the group stage of the current tournament if the current tournament has been finished.
-- I tried to prettify the forms by showing little thumbnails of the national flags. The result was another bug report
-- Until now, this database is a tech demo without serving any special purpose. It just records the competitions in a most simple way. Someone may help me to add some additional betting tables where the user and his colleagues can enter their betting on the outcome. I would have added this if I had a clue about the evaluation and rating of betters compared to each other. Time is running out and I wanted to publish something before the 12/06/2014.
-- To my own surprise, this concept is easy to adjust so it applies to the very similar UEFA contests (European association) starting with 16 teams and slightly different evaluation rules.
Using this FIFA database you can start a new tournament "2012 Ukraine & Poland" on the first setup form, fill in the 16 teams ... fied_teams into groups A to D of the group setup form, enter the results for the 4 groups in the group stage form. Then you will see that the resulting pairings on the knock-out form come up with some ugly gaps but almost correctly. Adjust the final pairings in the 3rd setup form. One issue may be overlooked: In group A of the 2012 UEFA competition Greece made its way to the semi-finals. My form throws off Greece in favour of Russia because of slightly different tie-break rules in the FIFA WorldCup competitions. Nevertheless, building a database variant for all UEFA-like competitions should be a matter of an hour or two.
-- I left out any additional info about venues, dates, times, comments, extra times, penalities, referees, teams and players. Adding all this extra info would be a matter of effort. I wanted it as minimalistic as possible reduced to picking 32 countries from list boxes and then entering pairs of numbers.

Like most of my tech demos on this forum, this one is free of all macro code. It demonstrates how to apply default values (fromtable Defaults), override defaults (from table Pairings filled by the 3rd setup form) and use these (modified) default data to generate competition tables where a user can add some final info (match results).
Since each competition starts with 48 (8 * 6) matches in the group stage and each knock-out stage follows the same pattern of 16 parings, I was able to build prettified form documents with one separate input form per match rather than one ugly grid control per competition stage. The form navigator window looks quite impressive for the two stage forms but after I've got one form and its subform(s) correctly designed it was just a matter of copy&paste, arrange and adjust.

2014-06-10 Forum member longi has fixed the issue with the group stage report. He showed a work-around how to build and run such a report with a buggy AOO: Re: What could cause wizard doesn't hook up to data. The new version below this comment has longi's report named as "Group Stage". Thank you very much.
2014-07-01Fixed a bug which made it impossible to enter results of matches 53-56.
More functional "Group Stage" form showing all 48 matches filterable and sortable.
Entered 2014 results until 30/6/2014 (Germany-Algeria).
2015-03-16 Added all results of 2014. Tweaked some views. The database can be used with HSQL 2.3 now.
Soccer world cup since 1998
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Re: WorldCup.odb soccer database

Postby longi » Wed Dec 09, 2015 9:56 am

About the issue [url]""[/url] I made once a new time the same control with the very same parameters, and it worked fine in my PC, althought your original database didn't.

Things work sometimes in an extrange way!

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