[Solved] Cross platformness

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[Solved] Cross platformness

Postby JtheK » Thu Oct 03, 2013 9:16 pm

HI folks,
I want to build a database for a non-profit I volunteer at. The problem is they are Mac OSX and I'm Windows XP. I know sweet diddly about Mac's. Can I write the database (in Base, of course) and migrate it to their Mac machine.
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Re: Cross platformness

Postby DACM » Thu Oct 03, 2013 11:03 pm

OpenOffice is cross-platform, including Base. But Base serves only as a front-end to various back-end data sources including relational database engines. Many open-source database engines are also cross-platform.

If you select the default 'HSQLDB' Java engine then you'll have seamless cross-platform support on the major desktop platforms (Win, Mac, Linux) with a compatible Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed. That means a 32-bit JRE for Windows and Mac, because Base is currently a 32-bit application on those platforms. Java engines such as HSQLDB have some significant advantages with Base, perhaps particularly in portable and/or cross-platform environments. For instance, with Base+HSQLDB you can store your database application and engine in a Dropbox or Google Drive folder (or USB flash drive) and run it in single-user mode on any Windows, Linux or Mac machine with OpenOffice and a compatible JRE installed. As the developer, you can update the Base front-end Forms, Queries, Reports, etc. without affecting the back-end data, once you adopt a split database configuration. This portable Dropbox setup is inherently a non-concurrent, single-user scenario. But you can run HSQLDB in server mode for concurrent, read/write data access among multiple users on a local LAN; and you can run HSQLDB in servlet mode on a web server for internet access from Base.

Otherwise you can select among PostgreSQL, MySQL, Firebird and others with specific installation, setup and admin on each platform and/or location. These are split/external/multi-user database solutions by default with Base. There are all kinds of database-driven solutions available with these engines including web-hosted database services, but unless you have admin privileges on the web-server and on the database itself, it's virtually impossible to setup remote internet database access from a third-party application like Base.

And just to be clear, Base (*Office) is a desktop application; so Base itself is not designed to reside on a LAN or web-server (although you can store your Base .odb file for central administration and client access as necessary). The database location is another matter. Base has the ability to connect to databases (RDBMS) in various locations including a personal computer (local or external drive), networked computer (wired or WiFi), or on a web-server.

Unless you're looking for *Office document integration (OOo/AOO/LibO) it may prove easier and more cost-effective to adopt a form-centric, web-database solution.

Perhaps see: Which Would Make for a Better Back-End, MySQL or HSQLDB?
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Re: Cross platformness

Postby JtheK » Mon Oct 07, 2013 9:06 pm

Thank so much. J the K
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