[Solved] Java/UNO feasibility/maturity sanity check

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[Solved] Java/UNO feasibility/maturity sanity check

Postby tstmartin » Mon Mar 05, 2012 9:31 pm

EDIT for Solved:

Well, not exactly solved, but we decided to investigate a little further.
I ran into a strange problem fairly quickly :


Windows XP sp2 platform, Java 5 and 6.

We are using Excel for a niche application, but need to connect to a Java API.

I've spent some time searching OOo Calc features, doing some limited testing,
looking thru some UNO javadocs and these forums.
Replacing Excel with Calc/UNO looks very promising.

I've been having a hard time reading the docs and getting a feel for how mature
the UNO API is - we have a competent Java team, but probably not the expertise
to handle any debugging or reverse engineering of the API.

Suppose I have a row of cells A5, B5, C5. Can Calc/UNO let me:

have a drop-down list in C5;
use UNO to provide a Java class data from A5 and B5;
UNO receives back data from the Java class;
somehow (OO macro? ) that data is used to populate the drop-down list choices;
the user can populate C5 from the drop-down list.

I've reached the limit of the time my boss allotted for preliminary

Just looking for some assurance that I'm correct that this can be done, before I tell him we should
move to the next level of investigation (a "Hello World" experiment).

Thanks for any help!

OOo 3.2.1 / Windows XP SP2
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