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Scroller for Writer

PostPosted: Mon Apr 08, 2019 1:42 pm
by JeJe
Simple extension with dialog scrolling assistant for writer.

Note: Only brief testing to run in OO and LibreOffice writer on the versions I have.

Install and see/run the sub showScroller in module AAUser

'run this sub to show dialog perhaps by setting shortcut of your choice
'use up and down arrow keys, page up/page down and home end to change scroll position
'or hold mouse down on button.
'Top part of the button to move up
'bottom part to move down
'left half to scroll by line
'right half to scroll by screen
'the more to the right the faster the scroll.


Edit: update 10 04 19

'added timer feature
'press timer to show timer moving feature
'select interval and type of scroll
'click go or halt
'timer will stop at start or end of document.