Apply for travel expense subsidy for ApacheCon EU 2012

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Apply for travel expense subsidy for ApacheCon EU 2012

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Dear Apache OpenOffice (incubating) community member,

we are pleased to announce the following funding to subsidize the travel expenses of AOO community members attending the ApacheCon EU 2012.
For up to 10 AOO community members we are providing a travel expense subsidy of about 300,00 EUR respectively 600,00 EUR.

You need to apply for the travel expense subsidy by sending an email to the public mailing list <> until 2012-10-12, 12:00 (Central European time, GMT+2).
The subject of this email have to be "[ACEU 2012 - travel subsidy] <YourName>".
In the content of the email please fill the following fields:
- full name
- email address
- affiliation to the OpenOffice community (something like: "committer", "user", "contributing X", "translator", ...)
- Apache ID (if available)
- accepted or stand-by speaker at ACEU?
- description why applying for the ticket discount and why support is needed
- job or eduation status (something like: "student", "employee", "freeflancer", ...)
- estimated travel expense
- estimated needed accommodation - # of nights
- other available funding (something like: "corporate", "ACEU - TAC", ...)
- applying for 300,00 EUR or 600,00 EUR?

Your travel expenses must be at least 300,00 EUR resp. 600,00 EUR and you are expecting to stay for at least two nights. If you are getting a corporate funding or the ApacheCon EU TAC funding, your application will not be considered.

A selection committee will decide on the applications and is aiming to send out notifications until 2012-10-16.

If your application has been accepted you need to confirm your travel expenses, your ACEU attendance and the lack of a corporate or TAC funding at the ApacheCon EU 2012. Afterwards you will receive the money via wire transfer from the ASF treasurer.

See you soon in Sinsheim,

member of the Apache OpenOffice (incubating) community
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