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Op het Engelse forum heeft Villeroy een mooie korte uitleg gegeven over het vrijmaken van een embedded hsqldb database. Het vrijmaken voorkomt het vaak voorkomende verlies van gegevens door dat de database overschreven wordt, anders gezegd een corrupt database.
Onderstaand is een citaat van Villeroy en naar mijn idee het belangrijkste uit de draad: The driver class org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver could not be loaded (View topic) • Apache OpenOffice Community Forum.

Villeroy schreef: I decided to try by setting a classpath to the hsqldb.jar driver in the current folder. And now AOO opens the tables.

Now you replaced the built-in HSQL 1.8 driver with a HSQL 2 driver by adding your hsqldb.jar to the global OpenOffice registration. This should work as long as the Java version used by OpenOffice runs on 32-bit (C:\Program Files(x86)\...). However, you can not work with ebedded HSQL anymore. You can open embedded HSQL only once. It will be converted on the fly and after the conversion you can not access it anymore. If this happened to you, you can extract the database and use it as a stand-alone database. As far as I know, there is no way back to HSQL 1.8 except for replaying a backup of the old database document. I guess, the status bar of your database reads like JDBC hsqldb:hsql://ServerName/database_name.

On this forum we recommend to register the hsqldb.jar for the individual database document rather than globally in the Java options of the office suite.
In order to do so, you first de-register your hsqldb.jar from the global options and restart the office.
Then install my little macro suite FreeHSQLDB v.0.3, open your database, run Tools>Macros>Run>FreeHSQLDB>FreeHSQLDB>Main. Set the the hsqldb driver path in that dialog and leave alone the HSQL backend since you have a working server connection. Setting the backend with that tool would result in a local connection to the database files as in JDBC hsqldb:file://C:\Path\database_name (which may be fine for testing on a local machine or for single-user access on a network drive).
OpenOffice provides no GUI to set the driver path for a database. You have to do this by means of XML editing or using a macro script.

De link naar FreeHSQLDB is FreeHSQLDB v.0.3 (View topic) • Apache OpenOffice Community Forum.
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