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Base Home Inventory Template

Postby Prismatist » Thu Nov 29, 2012 12:42 pm

I just spent several hours creating a Home Inventory database because I couldn't find a pre-made one, and now I would like to share my effort with the world. Since there seems to be no infrastructure in place for creating or sharing templates in Base, I will just upload it here. Can anyone tell me why Base templates don't exist?
Home Inventory Master.odb
See the instructions in the Forms section before trying to use it.
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Re: Base Home Inventory Template

Postby eremmel » Thu Nov 29, 2012 4:21 pm

Consider the phrase general template. In respect to Impress, Writer it controls the presentation layer and not the content. An user might generate from a general template, personal templates with e.g. fixed text sections, but those are harder to reuse for others.

In respect to Base, having a document with an embedded database it looks more like an 'personal template'. I'm not sure if you can have a Base document as a general template with a pure presentation layer.

Further it is not handsome to work with Base documents based on the embedded database: too error prone. So someone has to do quite some effort to migrate an example database as you delivered to a Base document with external database.

Also note that Base contains a large number of template tables to make a quick start.

So I tend to call your Home Inventory Master more an (impressive) example than a template.

But lets see what others think about this.
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