In memoriam - Drew Jensen

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Hagar Delest
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In memoriam - Drew Jensen

Post by Hagar Delest »

Dear All,

I just saw that in a log on the AOO wiki: Drew Jensen passed away in Oct 2021 - closing account

I don't know if some of you were aware but that was a sad finding.

Drew was a very active member of the community. Those coming from the know very well that this very forum is mostly his doing, with Terry.
Thanks Drew.
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Re: In memoriam - Drew Jensen

Post by RoryOF »

A long time contributor who made a very valuable contribution.
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Re: In memoriam - Drew Jensen

Post by Villeroy »

I would never have thought that he is no longer among us because I saw his contributions any time I investigated some Base related problem. I learned a lot from him.
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floris v
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Re: In memoriam - Drew Jensen

Post by floris v »

Definitely sad, too bad to have to learn it that way.
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Re: In memoriam - Drew Jensen

Post by phasel »

Very sad news. I fully started using base from his contributions back in 2008. It was a mess before I found his examples
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Re: In memoriam - Drew Jensen

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Only now do I hear the sad news. I'm sorry, I learned a lot from his posts too. A preier.
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