Installing SO8 Evaluation Package in Xandros

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Installing SO8 Evaluation Package in Xandros

Postby drjoewebb » Thu Jan 10, 2008 4:21 pm

Greetings to all from Rhode Island, USA

I am a Xandros user, and attempted to install the evaluation pack of StarOffice 8 onto my system. I got some help on the Xandros forum where I was able to get the shell script to open and decompress all of the rpms. I then got the rpm's to install, but for some reason Writer did not. Everything else functions okay.

Below is the log of Xandros' install --- any advice would be appreciated.

adabas_13.01.00-2_i386.deb generated
jre_1.6.0_02-1_i386.deb generated
staroffice-agfafonts_8.0.8-9222_i386.deb generated
staroffice-base_8.0.8-9222_i386.deb generated
staroffice-calc_8.0.8-9222_i386.deb generated
staroffice-core01_8.0.8-9222_i386.deb generated
staroffice-core02_8.0.8-9222_i386.deb generated
staroffice-core03_8.0.8-9222_i386.deb generated
staroffice-core03u_8.0.8-9222_i386.deb generated
staroffice-core04_8.0.8-9222_i386.deb generated
staroffice-core04u_8.0.8-9222_i386.deb generated
staroffice-core05_8.0.8-9222_i386.deb generated
staroffice-core05u_8.0.8-9222_i386.deb generated
staroffice-core06_8.0.8-9222_i386.deb generated
staroffice-core07_8.0.8-9222_i386.deb generated
staroffice-core08_8.0.8-9222_i386.deb generated
staroffice-core09_8.0.8-9222_i386.deb generated
staroffice-core10_8.0.8-9222_i386.deb generated
staroffice-desktop-integration_8.0.8-9208_all.deb generated
staroffice-draw_8.0.8-9222_i386.deb generated
staroffice-fonts_8.0.8-9222_i386.deb generated
staroffice-gallery_8.0.8-9222_i386.deb generated
staroffice-gnome-integration_8.0.8-9222_i386.deb generated
staroffice-graphicfilter_8.0.8-9222_i386.deb generated
staroffice-impress_8.0.8-9222_i386.deb generated
staroffice-javafilter_8.0.8-9222_i386.deb generated
staroffice-lngutils_8.0.8-9222_i386.deb generated
staroffice-math_8.0.8-9222_i386.deb generated
staroffice-onlineupdate_8.0.8-9222_i386.deb generated
staroffice-ooofonts_8.0.8-9222_i386.deb generated
staroffice-sunsearchtoolbar_8.0.8-9222_i386.deb generated
staroffice-suse-menus_8.0.8-9208_all.deb generated
staroffice-writer_8.0.8-9222_i386.deb generated
staroffice-xsltfilter_8.0.8-9222_i386.deb generated
cat: /program/ No such file or directory
/var/lib/dpkg/info/staroffice-core05u.postinst: line 24: /program/tmptab.dat: No such file or directory
mv: cannot stat `/program/tmptab.dat': No such file or directory
chmod: cannot access `/program/': No such file or directory
* Updating MIME database in /usr/share/mime...
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Re: Installing SO8 Evaluation Package in Xandros

Postby drjoewebb » Fri Jan 11, 2008 5:19 pm

For some reason, Writer has just "shown up" and works fine. I can't explain it-- perhaps a rebooting process at some time fixed the issue. All of SO8's elements are working just fine now.
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Re: Installing SO8 Evaluation Package in Xandros

Postby drjoewebb » Tue Jan 15, 2008 10:22 pm

I just installed Update 9 to my StarOffice Evaluation using the method described and it worked just fine ... 2&method=h

The update comes as a .zip file. Download, extract, find the RPMS directory, open Xandros Networks, "File" "Install RPM file", find the directory with the rpm files (directory name is RPMS), highlight all of the files, and off you go. Takes about 10 minutes for the whole process.
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