[Solved] Microsoft Publisher files

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[Solved] Microsoft Publisher files

Post by brobby05 »

I was wondering which of the Open Office programs can be used and Microsoft Publisher and how do I use the previously created publisher files with Open Office 4.4?


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Re: Microsoft Publisher files

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There is no immediate conversion within OpenOffice; it may be possible to convert to .odt format using the free online service at

Best to select .odt as the target format using the dropdown currently set to .doc.

Your files should then be editable in OpenOffice Writer, but more or less adjustment will be needed, depending on the complexity of the original.

For your purposes, Scribus might be a better application to use.
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Re: Microsoft Publisher files

Post by LastUnicorn »

As it seems your are still using Microsoft Office for some purposes you would be well advised to switch from OpenOffice to LibreOffice. LibreOffice — though you shouldn't be constantly switching between saving in Microsoft .doc and ODF .odt (etc.) files — has better compatibility with Microsoft Office files. For some details on why the switch is advisable see: [Tutorial] Considering a Switch from OpenOffice to LibreOffice? Some Useful Information

P.S. Making the switch will not solve your problem with Microsoft Publisher files.
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Re: Microsoft Publisher files

Post by sveld »

LibreOffice Draw can import your .pub files as part of their Document Liberation project (https://www.documentliberation.org/projects/).
After that you can save in Draw's ODG format.
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