Various questions

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Various questions

Post by angun.onur »

Message sent to you follows
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Open Office'in bazı özellikleri ve hataları var. Öncelikle bununla başlamak
> istiyorum. Benim isteklerimin başında; sayfaların arkaplan renkleri var.
> Sayfalara arkaplan renkleri atayamıyorum. Metin alanına bir çerçeve
> ekleyemiyoruz ve onu renklendiremiyoruz. Ayrııca çerçevenin yazı alanını da
> renklendirmek istiyorum. Onu da yapamıyoruz. Bir de open office'e göre olan
> çerçevelerin yapılması, tasarlanması ve kodlanması gerekiyor. Çerçeve
> seçimi ve renk seçimleri içinse, sayfaya sağ tıklanmalı ve onlar
> seçilebilmelidir. Böylece çok daha iyi bir open office meydaha gelebilir.
> Bir de font seçimi bölümünden fontlara manuel olarak giriş yaptığımda yazı
> alanında bir seçim oluşmuyor. Buna dikkat ediniz! Bir de en önemsediğim
> şeylerin başında bir şey var; ve bu çok önemli! O da şyudur ki; maden bir
> özgür yazılım yapmaya karar vermiştik; o halde yazılımlarımızın daha fazla
> özgür olması için uğraşmalıyız; Böylece spesifik fontların font
> seçimlerinde görünmesi ve kullanılmasını sağlamalıyız. Örneğin: Microsot
> Publisher 2016'da hiçbir spesifik fontu kullanmazsınız. Buna da dikkat
> çekmek istiyorum! Hepinize bol ve iyi çalışmalar diliyorum! Bir sonrakine
> görüşmek dileğiyle!
> Open Office has some features and bugs. I want to start with that first. At
> the beginning of my requests; pages have background colors. I can't assign
> background colors to pages. We can't add a frame to the text field and
> color it. I also want to color the text area of ​​the frame. We can't do
> that either. Also, frameworks for open office need to be built, designed
> and coded. For frame selection and color selections, the page should be
> right clicked and they should be selected. Thus, a much better open office
> may occur. Also, when I enter the fonts manually from the font selection
> section, there is no selection in the text field. Pay attention to this!
> There is also one thing at the top of the things I care about the most; and
> this is very important! It is also that; we decided to make a mine free
> software; so we should strive to make our software more free; Thus, we must
> ensure that specific fonts appear and are used in font selections. For
> example: You do not use any specific fonts in Microsot Publisher 2016. I
> want to draw attention to this too! I wish you all a lot of good and good
> work! Hope to see you next time!
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Re: Various questions

Post by JeJe »

This isn't a feature request forum - there are no OO developers here, just fellow users. To answer a couple of things:

You change the page background color by changing the page style.
If you right click on a frame and select frame from the popup menu you can change the background.
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Re: Various questions

Post by Zizi64 »

Please ask one question per topic in this (English language) forum.
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Re: Various questions

Post by John_Ha »

Many of the things you want (like full page background) can be done by workarounds.

Nothing new is likely to be added to AOO as it is a dead project.

LibreOffice has some of the features you want (like full page background).

As a new poster you will find much useful information in the Writer FAQ, the Writer Tutorials, the up to date AOO Writer for Students and the Writer User Guide. May I suggest you bookmark the pages.

Press F1 to access the Help screen and search for your problem

The chapter headings in the manual are:

1 - Introducing Writer
2 - Setting up Writer
3 - Working with Text
4 - Formatting Pages
5 - Printing, Exporting, Faxing and E-Mailing
6 - Introduction to Styles
7 - Working with Styles
8 - Working with Graphics
9 - Working with Tables
10 - Working with Templates
11 - Using Mail Merge
12 - Tables of Contents, Indexes and Bibliographies
13 - Working with Master Documents
14 - Working with Fields
15 - Using Forms in Writer
16 - Customizing Writer – Keyboard shortcuts.

When a pop-up window opens, click the Help button for extensive help on that function - it is often more comprehensive than the manual.
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See the Writer Guide, the Writer FAQ, the Writer Tutorials and Writer for students.

Remember: Always save your Writer files as .odt files. - see here for the many reasons why.
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