Paragraph large to highlight

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Paragraph large to highlight

Post by posaune »

I can't think of the name for this but magazines do it all the time: a line or two they want to highlight for the reader, so they put it in very large font, inset into the normal flow of text, perhaps with big quotation marks or in a different color.

I have an author who would like this done in her book.

Having never done it, I'm contemplating creating an image of the highlighted text and inserting it as an image or somehow using columns, if that can be done on just a single page at a time. I'm thinking creating an image is the best idea.

Any other ideas or is that the way it would be done?
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Re: Paragraph large to highlight

Post by JeJe »

It'll be easier for people to understand what you want if you provide a picture or a link to something layed out that way.

Edit: Do you know about text frames? ... age_layout

Edit 2: and Fontwork ... g_Fontwork
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Re: Paragraph large to highlight

Post by FJCC »

A text frame might be useful for this. Take a look at the attached document. You can right click on the edge of the frame and select Frame to see how I set it up. There are many options. You might choose to wrap the text around the frame in a way different than what I chose.
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Re: Paragraph large to highlight

Post by Bill »

posaune wrote: Thu Sep 22, 2022 9:48 pm I can't think of the name for this..."
Possibly "pull quote". There's not much on the forum about this subject:

[Solved] Using Frames for desktop publishing ???

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Columns on the page
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