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Slide Transition

Postby Steve5 » Fri Feb 22, 2019 8:50 pm

I know the "Duration" is the timing of text that you might have flying in, such as a bullet point. So if it's set to 1 second, it'll come in really fast, and if you make it say five seconds, it'll come in very very slowly. But what does the "Duration" mean in terms of the slide? It can be set to one, two or three seconds. But the slides advance from one to the next in a blink of a eye, regardless of what it's set on, I don't see any difference. So what does the slide duration setting do?

Also, I have a few slides in a row that transition from one to the next automatically after two seconds. Actually less, I had it as low as 1.5 seconds and up to 1.9. The reason why I keep changing it is because when I test it out on the laptop, they go by quicker, as quick as one second. But when I test it out hooked up to a second monitor, it does seem to transition closer to what I set it to, closer to the two seconds.

So I'm wondering if anyone else notices this. Is it normal for it to be much quicker on the laptop, and does adhere to the time setting when you're hooked up to a monitor or projection system? And does it matter if the connection is HDMI or VGA?
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