Pre-Base table Structure

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Pre-Base table Structure

Postby jack&Jill » Mon Oct 09, 2017 7:43 pm

Everyone seems to think base is the best way to proceed with my project.
Did some research, hoping for some direction to get going. have included a clac sheet with 8 table(sheets) with field names and
what I'm thinking. A few have default values.
Please give structural help where possible. Thank you.
This is a calc sheet
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Re: Pre-Base table Structure

Postby MTP » Tue Oct 10, 2017 9:56 pm

Is there a possibility one of your suppliers would have multiple phone numbers or multiple addresses? If so, you may want to split those columns off into child tables. Ditto for the customers' phones, emails, and physical addresses.

I'm not sure if the child tables for city, state, and zip will be helpful. Sometimes it is easier to just retype short things than to setup the extra tables.

For orders, will ship addresses be repeated between orders? If so, having a separate table (maybe the child table for customers' addresses) and using a ShipAddrID in the orders table would prevent you or your user from having to re-type (and potentially mistype) ship addresses for repeat customers.

Everything else looks pretty good. Overall a good start!
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Re: Pre-Base table Structure

Postby jack&Jill » Wed Oct 11, 2017 8:31 pm

Suppliers, No, all inventory might ship from 1 or multi locations, however all phone calls and invoicing is handled at main locations.

Most orders are picked up.
Ship to addresses, about 20ish in dif. locations, my invoices to same location as ship to, most times.
A few locations are direct ship to someone, however their invoices go to 1 of the 20ish locations above.
(happens 20 to 50 times a yr,) usually does not repeat to same person.

tables for:
city 1Default, rest lookup by start typing,
ditto for state- 1 (FL)Default, and zip- 12??? for Default, or on start typing first #,

Added preBase1a.jpg for comment.

Thank you.
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