Recovery error after reboot

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Recovery error after reboot

Postby salilsurendran » Fri Jun 24, 2016 3:19 am

Several times I will reboot my computer and I will get this message when I start LibreOffice Writer:

Screenshot from 2016-06-23 18-01-12.png

If I start the recovery I will get something like this:

Screenshot from 2016-06-23 18-01-12.png

finally it will ask me to save the files to a directory. Many times even though the file is saved it will list it in the recovery panel. I have auto-save set to every 10 minutes. What is happening here?
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Re: Recovery error after reboot

Postby John_Ha » Fri Jun 24, 2016 12:50 pm

There is a LibreOffice forum here.

LO is telling you that it is trying to recover some documents which were open when the PC crashed. Just keep on opening LO and asking to recover them, or saying you do not want to recover them, until it goes away. AutoSave is irrelevant to the problem. It looks like LO cannot find one file.

If that fails, then close LO and search for files with names like .~lock.fred.odt#, where fred is the name of the file mentioned, and the file should be in the same folder as fred.odt. Delete them. They will be hidden files - switch on show hidden files to see them.

If that fails, reset the profile, or reinstall LO but do NOT keep your settings - either will fix it as they both "lose" the record that some files were affected by the crash.

If this solves the problem, please click the Edit button on your original post and add [Solved] in front of your subject.
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