Different kinds of indexes in the same document

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Different kinds of indexes in the same document

Postby Machabees » Mon Apr 13, 2015 6:42 pm


I am in the progress of putting toghether an anthology of articles that I and some friends have written during the past five years.

I calculate that it will end up being three books and we want to make a forth with a very extensive index for the other three books.

At the moment we want three indexes not inkluding the table of contense.

First we want a patristic index, meaning that we want to list all the referenses that we make to Christian Churchfathers; secondly we want a biblical index where we list all referenses to biblepassages and thirdly we want a thematic index (this one I probably have to do manually, so we can ignore it).

My question is this: is it possible?

Can I make two indexes one for the fathers and one for the Bible and then select what index I want to add the selected passage to. I have been trying to do this with a user-defined index but I cannot figure out how to select what index I want to add it to. Do I have to make it manually and then manually change it if the page-number in the future changes?

Can I separate these indexes for each book and combine them in a fourth and only have three indexes and not three per book, that is nine of them?

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Re: Different kinds of indexes in the same document

Postby acknak » Mon Apr 13, 2015 8:02 pm

Greetings and welcome to the community forum!

You can have multiple user-defined indexes but there can only be one "alphabetical" index--sorted by the index keys. Entries in the other indices will appear in the order they have in the document, like a ToC or list of figures.

You can always sort the index entries manually but then you have to do the extra work of combining like entries and making sub-entries and so on.

Not terribly useful, I'm afraid.
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