Newbie wants one on one remote support.

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Newbie wants one on one remote support.

Postby ghw » Fri Sep 05, 2014 7:47 pm

I have OODraw with Windows 7 and I am trying to do a flat drawing/wiring diagram that has objects that I want to group and connect with lines. Have not been having success. Is there anyone that does remote support for a fee? I would want to have things explained and itemized on a document that I can reference, to see what I am doing wrong.
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Re: Newbie wants one on one remote support.

Postby acknak » Fri Sep 05, 2014 8:00 pm

Greetings and welcome to the community forum!

Maybe you'll get an offer, I don't know, but you might as well post your question on a regular thread. There are generally people here who will take time to explain how it works. If you need someone to do the project for you, then you're more likely to have to pay someone to do it.
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Re: Newbie wants one on one remote support.

Postby keme » Mon Sep 08, 2014 9:29 am

For starters, Draw is not excellent in handling connectors between objects in groups. You should be fine when using connectors between objects within one group, and also outside groups (between ungrouped objects and top level groups). For a more complex grouping and connector scheme, you may need to look elsewhere.

I made a tutorial document for the electricity classes in our school, previously published in this forum. Text is in Norwegian, but you may find the drawing objects revealing on their own... ... p?id=16745

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Re: Newbie wants one on one remote support.

Postby John_Ha » Tue Mar 10, 2015 12:52 am

Google translate seems to do a good job ...

En tegning som består av flere elementer, kan være vanskelig å håndtere. Da er det fornuftig å slå sammen til ett objekt. Det kan vi i utgangspunktet gjøre på to måter:

Lage gruppe. I et gruppeobjekt beholder elementene sine egenskaper. Det betyr at hvis vi har ulike farger/bredde på strekene, vil disse forskjellene beholdes. Det er særlig en fordel når vi arbeider med sammensatte tegninger og vil gruppere i flere nivåer (gruppeobjekter som tas med i ny gruppe). Det er også mulig å gjøre endringer ved å gå inn i gruppen (f.eks. for å gjøre om fra PNP- til NPN-transistor).

Slå sammen. Når du slår sammen flere objekter, kan du ikke lenger enkelt gå inn og redigere enkelt-elementer. Den største fordelen med sammenslåing ser vi ved skalering (forminsking/forstørring), der strektykkelser, pilstørrelser o.l. blir skalert på riktig måte. Det er også enklere å legge inn tekst på en ryddig måte.

Prøv: Velg hvert av symbolene over, og ...
endre størrelse på dem (dra i kanten, eller bruk menyvalg "Format - Posisjon og Størrelse").
dobbeltklikk for å redigere detaljer i symbolet.

A drawing that consists of several elements, can be difficult to handle. Then it makes sense to merge into one object. We can basically do two ways:

Creating group. In a group object container elements their properties. That means if we have different color / width of the lines, these differences are retained. It is particularly advantageous when working with complex drawings and will group several levels (group objects that are included in the new group). It is also possible to make changes by going into the group (eg. To redo from PNP to NPN transistor).

Merge. When you merge multiple objects, you can no longer easily enter and edit individual elements. The biggest advantage of merging we see when scaling (reduction / enlargement), where strektykkelser, pilstørrelser ol are scaled appropriately. It is also easier to enter text in an orderly manner.

Try: Select each of the symbols over and ...
resize them (drag the edge, or use menu option "Format - Position and Size").
double-click to edit details in the symbol.
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