Cells linked and I can't see or break the link

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Cells linked and I can't see or break the link

Postby rdhartm » Thu May 02, 2019 5:33 pm

I'm baffled. I have some cells in sheet A of a Calc spreadsheet that are linked to sheet B. I didn't try to do that. It happened somehow in a copy/paste operation. I know which cells are involved in the two sheets. I can't see a link, and by that I mean cell x:y in sheet B would show =cell u:v in sheet A. All I have is a number. I've used copy/paste special number in both sheet A and sheet B, but if I delete the contents in the offending cell in sheet A, it's also deleted in sheet B. Would appreciate any help. If I could just even see all the " = [other cell referenced] " I could probably figure it out.
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Re: Cells linked and I can't see or break the link

Postby RusselB » Thu May 02, 2019 8:00 pm

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It sounds to me that you don't have a link, but rather have multiple pages (aka tabs) selected.
Look carefully at the page(s)/tab(s) at the bottom of your spreadsheet. If only the page/tab you are on is highlighted differently (the difference might be very slight), then this is not the problem.
However, if you have 2 or more pages/tabs that look the same as the page/tab that you are on, then you have multiple pages/tabs selected.
This can happen intentionally, by pressing the Alt key while selecting a different page/tab with the mouse or accidentally by having done a command that required the Alt key, but then the Alt key didn't release.
The Shift key is also a possible culprit.

I have had both options happen to me when it wasn't intended, and it was a pain to figure out which key was the offender, especially since there are 2 shift keys and 2 alt keys.
If this is the problem, you're going to have to just play around with the Alt and Shift keys until you get something that works....Sorry that there isn't an easier solution.
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