Spreadsheet for storage of financial .csv data from the web

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Spreadsheet for storage of financial .csv data from the web

Postby nycpaulll » Sun Apr 07, 2019 10:15 pm

For me the OpenOffice spreadsheet has become a single storage medium for all the .csv downloads now possible from bank, broker, credit card and other financial institutions. Rather than storing PDF statements I add .csv downloads from my account web page to a sheet of my spreadsheet where I can see a year's worth of data with the ability to manipulate, add notes and adjust as I find helpful. I have a sheet for my income and expense, credit card, debit card, IRA account, regular broker, as well as sheets used to computer RMD and taxes and more. I can even insert a copy of my tax return as a graphic. How great that is.

What would be very helpful is to be able to insert a text file created on OpenOffice Write into this Financial Spreadsheet. Having this portable Spreadsheet with all this data in one file (backed up regularly) is terrific. It's very much like a virtual file cabinet that gets rid of a lot of paper. Thank you OpenOffice.

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Re: Spreadsheet for storage of financial cvs data from the w

Postby RusselB » Mon Apr 08, 2019 12:36 am

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You could use Insert -> Sheet from File
or you could keep the Writer documents separate, and link to the Writer document in the spreadsheet, or to the spreadsheet page/cell in Writer. Personally, this is the method I would recommend as you won't have all of your information in one file, thus if something happens, you (probably) wouldn't lose everything.
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Re: Spreadsheet for storage of financial cvs data from the w

Postby FJCC » Mon Apr 08, 2019 3:06 am

You can insert a Writer document into a spreadsheet by using the menu Insert -> Object -> OLE object. Click the Create From File radio button near the top of the dialog to insert an existing document. After insertion, you can double click on the object to see it in a window.
I would be cautious about making a Calc document too complicated. The previous advice about using links is a good idea.
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