[Solved] Real Estate Pipeline Leads not converting?

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[Solved] Real Estate Pipeline Leads not converting?

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I recently switched over to OpenOffice suite from the other major guys (M$). I primarily am using Calc for my real estate pipeline leads that come in from Wooforms as a CSV.

When I used MS I didn't have problems opening the CSV's, however I feel like an idiot as when I open the file everything gets pushed into different columns. :crazy:

I know this is user error but this has led to complaints from my prospects as I'm not getting back to them quickly! Can someone help me understand how to open my real estate leads from CSV and have it formatted properly? Before I would just open the file and it would work fine.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Real Estate Pipeline Leads not converting?

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Generally, things work more smoothly using MS tools because everyone makes adjustments for that case. Using OO takes some extra time to understand what you're doing and make the adjustments yourself.

If you want specific suggestions for importing your data, we'll have to see a sample of the data. The best way to do that is to put some csv data into a zip archive and attach that here. If the csv file is large, cut it down to a few lines.

Alternatively, you can copy/paste a few lines into a message here. The forum may not preserve every character perfectly, but it's probably ok.

I usually recommend to stay away from opening csv files directly. Better to first start OO Calc, then use Insert > Sheet From File ... and choose your csv file. Then you can set the import parameters to match the csv file.
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Re: Real Estate Pipeline Leads not converting?

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[Tutorial] Text to Columns

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