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VideoPoker program to discuss

Postby DolphyausDutchland » Thu Jan 22, 2015 10:53 am


please take a look at my poker application which I mainly wrote in the end of 2012. It runs perfectly on 3.0.0 and 2.0.4. (I know, very superior old versions of the Suite)
You can change up to 0-3 cards. Cell D11 is an info field for if one card to a Skip Straight or Mega Skip Straight is missing.

It is able to simulate a poker game vis-a-vis to the computer just as you (once?) found it on for e.g.
You can believe it or not, I needed no matrix function or loop.

Excuse my English.
Greetz and bye, Chris

Edith: just added a correcteed file
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poker program
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Re: VideoPoker program to discuss

Postby DolphyausDutchland » Wed Feb 03, 2016 8:43 pm


I have worked on this program since January 15.
I don't know how and if my poker application runs on english/american OpenOffice,
but perhaps have a look at my new files.
There were severe problems in newer AOO Versions in comparison to Sun OO 3.0.0
for e.g. that Apache OpenOffice runs twice through my EINLESEN-Function.I fixed this "bug" now,I think.
This was a big Problem for me,and - I did not follow the advice from PC Gurus that "static" can cause severe problems.

Here are my two new files,the others are obsolete you should not download them any more.

In cell D3 you do everything,all of your interaction with the computer - you draw Cards with backspace and Change Cards with 1-5 (for example 152 changes three cards). You also can hold all cards if you have good cards on the Hand (excuse my bad English,please),in this case then press backspace also.

Make sure "Abc in Zahlen" (exactly in this manner) is in cell D3 when you open/start the file,it's a sequence to initialize the program;otherwise,it's producing nonsense.
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Re: VideoPoker program to discuss

Postby DolphyausDutchland » Tue May 30, 2017 9:05 pm


Check out my new version - I recently fixed a logical fault, a bug concerning the four aces. I
give you the PW - it is "Blume" (flower in German). Of course, you can change it... Please don't
download the old versions any more - you would have to hack the password anyway; I grant these
old versions are really boring because of imperfectancy; please check out these two versions 1.0
only,of which I strongly recommend the modern version because it simply isn't so boring as
classic videopoker and because of the "info"-feature (of green). Just try and see

Have fun with it, Greetz Chris

I developped it solely, and, of course, you can replace the GOTO construction by setting a flag.
(Mighy be someday that Goto's are considered to be harmful finally and become edged out at last)
the game doesn't run on LibreOffice (too long the formulas)
If your default colour in the Calc is for example brown or blue, then
We define a second formula in the condition format-menu.
It is - you deem - black colour. It, the format template, should be named: "Kreuz_und_Pik".
You merge the two old formulas... You would have to replace the formula in "Condition Format". The new formula is:
OR('Poker in Open Office'.$A$10=1;'Poker in Open Office'.$A$10=2); this is the first condition formula;
second is the same, except 1 and 2, this has to be changed to 3 und 0 respectively.
Has to have black colour then, and this name of the format template: "Kreuz_und_Pik".
You then do this step/change for each cell in the range of D6-D10!
The formulas stay the same, except that you have to increment, +1, the A-range piece by piece and step by step downwards in those formulas
in the condition format menu of the five 'cards'. (Not having the possibility to drag and pull down cells, as you do in normal Calc formulas --FALSE--)
-- Finished with accomodating work as a whole? Then your result should look alike this next time playing:

{my most recent issue here really hasn't been fully understood at all \-;}
[off topic]In an Excel-version, you would have to pre-select the range for the estimated result matrix of an array-formula,
as it is in my Excel 2007 here.
Generally spoken,it's possible to have a look first in AOO actually and compare, if you're unsure; so there it is in AOO, the concerned range of a matrix formula result.[/off topic]
Feel free to delete/erase/cancel/reduce all matrix formulas in VideoPoker also; actually, you don't need any matrix formula ((((((((at all)))){;o)))) / are able (to get rid of/) to remove all {}-parentheses in the file; you don't need a single (formula) of them Matrix formulas.
(But / in fact, you would have to replace/substitute the formula in N59 - T72 with (/by?) new formulas; it's not that hard difficult, I have to state/say clearly; use your brain a lil bit
Appendix 2:
by the way:there's some famous poetry,done by a man called Stendhal,which is "Rot und schwarz".It's a book classical,I guess for pupils and students. And:
It is possible to do something with music here,via AOO BASIC.
So IF you have a very good hand in cell D4, AND L14 has value which leaves the rest =0 doing a division / 2 (that is the operator "modulo", in the code that is "mod",you'll find that keyword in my code section also), you can launch an audio file, for instance :applause.
Or what about including some of "Ace of Spades" by Motörhead, the unofficial anthem of all of the poker players :ucrazy:
Greetz Chris

PW: "Blume"
old Version,should run also, but didn't work much on this
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really is fun if you can handle it
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