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RTF to Calc

Postby AnovaTSArd » Mon May 19, 2008 8:14 pm

Hello Forum,

i'm using OO 2.4 on an Ubuntu 8.04 system.

I have a lot of data in .rtf-files.

I want to transfer the rtf-files into calc.
The 'cells' are seperated by various symbols. (i can easily find and replace with whatever is neccessary).
Every new line in the .rtf-file represents what i want to be a new row in my calc-sheet.

Until now i simply cant figure out how to do it.

The data looks something like this:

1) <14578> 1 <23876> 2 <29856> 0
2) <34762> 1 <41867> 5 <48790> 6 <57092> 2

So not every line (row) has the same amount of data.

I would be really thankful for a solution.

Best regards,
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Re: RTF to Calc

Postby JimP » Mon May 19, 2008 9:02 pm

Easiest way for a few such files is to open them in Word and save them as .txt files. Then in OOo Calc, choose File->Open, and select the csv file type. Navigate to your newly-saved .txt file and select it. Choose the delimiters in the dialog, and open it.

You'll get some garbage in the import. For example, the "1)" at the start of a line will have its own column. The numeric values will be imported as text because they're surrounded with "<" and ">"; get rid of those angle brackets with search and replace. I can't tell whether the numbers between the delimited numbers, i.e., <number> 6 <nothernumber> are data or discards.

If you have a lot of those files to import and convert, record a macro to clean up the import.
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