Column A and B won't read barcode

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Column A and B won't read barcode

Postby tgthk » Thu Aug 23, 2012 12:46 am


My company started using OOo Calc from Mon this week. The purpose is to simply scan the product barcode when it arrives. The barcode will read into Column A and Column B. For example, the barcode "26 LCD" will put "26" in column A and "LCD" in column B.
The problem is, all barcodes are read properly in about 20 rows and after that some Calc put all the barcode data in column A.
I tried scan those barcodes with other columns and it worked greatly.
I don't know what happen to column A and B. If someone has experienced solving this problem, please advise!

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Re: Column A and B won't read barcode

Postby ouch » Fri Aug 24, 2012 8:16 pm

Barcode scanners look like keyboards to computers. When you scan a code, it literally types the code for you as if you were using a keyboard to do it. So it largely will depend on the code you scanned as to what calc does with it. To prevent this you may find it easier to scan the barcodes into say notepad, or writer. Then copy those codes and then do an advanced paste as unformatted text back into calc. (Ctrl+Shift+V) With pasting as unformatted text you could then split the codes up into several columns if you wanted or just keep the entire code in one cell.
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