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Printing a chart

Postby harrington77 » Sun Apr 27, 2008 7:36 am

I have not figured out how to print a chart by selecting it. The only way I have found print a chart so that it is the only thing that prints is to size it to the size of the page on the spreadsheet, and then only print the page that it appears on. Is there a way to print only an object (or chart) that has been selected, without having the spreadsheet background?
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Re: Printing a chart

Postby mwprivpub07 » Tue Jun 24, 2008 3:18 pm


I found the basic idea on the blog page of Solveig Haugland (

Try the following:
1. Copy the chart and paste it onto a OOo Draw sheet.
2. There you can right click on the chart and select "Position and Size" to position or enlarge it.

- Probably all links are lost and when you update. You will need to do all things again, so this is only really for the final publishing cycle. (OLE functionality not properly tested by me though.)
- When you right click on the chart in OOo Draw, select "Break" to break down the chart in to drawing objects. You can begin to modify most things individually then. (Example: change the colour of the grid or of only one column?)

Maybe some one should (and it won't be me :? )add this as a tip to the on-line help of OOo Calc.
TIP Text: If you want to print the charts separately for overhead slides or for inserting them into other documents try insert the chart into OOo Draw. Once there you can break the link and manipulate the drawing as you require.

I hope this helps.


PS: Sadly never found out how to contribute to the projects using the proper channels (bugzilla or newsletter), especially as I am only a occasional contributor. Equally I lack the skills to search the bug DB, so this is the only way to help others.

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