[Solved] Charts on New Sheet & Printing Charts

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[Solved] Charts on New Sheet & Printing Charts

Postby 2CV67oo » Mon Nov 14, 2011 12:46 pm

Coming from Excel to OpenOffice & then LibreOffice, I was disappointed to find it apparently impossible to create charts "on a new sheet", which was easy in XL.
I also had a lot of difficulty making tidy prints of charts as it always seemed difficult to define the print zone reliably.

Even Googling didn't bring much encouragement, the least-worst item being:
http://askubuntu.com/questions/47044/ho ... ffice-calc
...which didn't seem to work exactly for me either.

Going on from there though, I found, by trial & error, that it is quite possible to have charts on separate sheets & quite easy to print charts & save tham as .ps files or export them as .pdf files.

To create a chart on a different sheet from the data:
1. Create the chart roughly on the data sheet.
2. Either Copy the chart (if you want to keep it also on the data sheet) or Cut it (if you don't).
3. Open new sheet.
4. Paste chart into new sheet.
5. Align & format the chart on the new sheet - it is dynamically linked to the data sheet, but formatted independently; you can have differently formatted charts on 2 sheets if you want.

To print a chart:
1. It seems easier to put the chart on a new sheet, as above, first.
2. Preferable put it in the top left corner.
3. View > Page Break View > Adjust page break to fit round chart, or vice-versa.
4. Print > General > Selected sheets.

To Create a .ps file with just the chart:
1-4 as above.
5. Print > Options > Print to file.

To export chart as .pdf file:
1-3 as above.
4. File > Export as PDF.. > General > Range > Pages > Whatever sheet your chart is on.

There are probably better ways, but I was pleased to find these, so am posting this in case it helps anybody else...
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Re: [Solved] Charts on New Sheet & Printing Charts

Postby IsabelDalhousie » Wed Apr 17, 2019 2:16 am

Thanks for this .... I'm still struggling because the chart sheet doesn't automatically update when the data changes. Is there a setting I need to check?
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