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Re: [Solved] Deleting macros

Postby windowshater » Thu Jun 07, 2018 10:55 am

Oh it wasn't your final then? :bravo:

Zizi64 wrote:
Why did you now change your name from Tibor to Zizi64? Did I do sth wrong?

I never changed my name. My real given name is Tibor since 1964, and the forum nickname is Zizi64 since the registration date: 2010 May 26, 7:55 am.
Maybe you missed something, or you were careless a littlebit...

Nope. It was under your pic, I said.
Think, how could anyone, and then me, "imagine" your name if it wasn't showing up here? tsss

"the you MUST know who wrote that formula into the cell."
Nope, I MUST not know, not even how a macro COULD be done: I DON'T know, I never added a macro to anything in my life.
MUST is a dangerous word: I can easily think of more possibilities, for one that some "plugin" thing added sth to xls files, whether MS internal plugin or not, no idea.

"NEVER continue a topic marked as "Solved". Make a new topic for your problems, even it is similar to other topics. "
Great reminder, thank you. I am of the old school: Keep together what belongs together. :bravo:
I die out soon. not to worry.
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