Why are Arai motorcycle helmets so expensive and is it worth

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Why are Arai motorcycle helmets so expensive and is it worth

Postby Nakyra » Sat Jul 18, 2020 3:58 am

If you are a motorbike rider, you should know the importance of riding protective gear, right? Every part of your body needs protection, but what you need to protect the most is your head, and the most important item you need is the helmet.

Knowing the importance of helmets, many avid riders have turned to Arai helmets as a security for their trips as it is one of the most trusted brands in the industry. However, along with that reliability are the products with quite a high price, about $800 - $900 per piece. The question is “ Is it worth it?”. To answer this question, read on!
Before that, I would like to introduce to you a website where you can find genuine Arai helmets as well as a lot of other motorcycle helmets. That site is called HelmetsZone, here is the link to the website: https://helmetszone.com/

Arai motorcycle helmets are made in Japan with unrivaled technology. The final products are the result of the dedication the designers spent to create quality helmets with excellent construction, engineering, and painting, etc.

The Arai helmets are lighter in weight and fit to your head, so it gives you the comfort when riding, besides it also gives you the ultimate protection.

If you ask about Arai helmets on social media, you will get dozens of comments with different thoughts. Some say it's very good, others say it's not good at this point and that. Remember nothing is perfect, it will have some certain disadvantages. However, most Arai helmet owners agree it is well worth every penny.

Another reason why Arai helmets are so expensive is the expense of ensuring safety. Before being sold, the helmets must undergo a series of rigorous tests to ensure they are ready to provide maximum protection for your head in the event of an accident.


Arai helmet shell designs are usually round and smooth. The company believes that this design allows the helmet to glance off obstacles with less rotation force. That can reduce the risk of a whiplash, concussion, and other serious injuries.

The Arai helmet is designed based on the impacts that can happen in real accidents. According to the designers, the impacts can come from any direction front, back, left, right, and even on top of the head. The Arai helmets can protect your head from all sides, but cheaper brands can’t do that. Because inexpensive helmet manufacturers only test some certain points of the helmet. Such lids are unlikely to give you complete protection.
Do you know what the modular motorcycle helmet is? Check out this article so you can have an overview of this type of riding headgear: https://helmetszone.com/best-modular-motorcycle-helmet.html

It is the rounded shell shape design that makes many riders choose Arai for their races. Many pro racers use Arai, and if you pay attention, you will realize that a lot of helmets in MotoGP, AMA racing, F1, or NASCAR had Arai badges.

Not only pro racers recommend Arai helmets but experts also recommend this brand as they believe that the Arai helmets can give them the protection the racers need if they crash during a race.

Motorcycle racers usually ride at a very fast speed, much faster than regular drivers, and the risk of them having an accident is very high. Therefore, wearing an Arai lid can greatly reduce the possibility of getting injured.

Again, I want to say, each penny you pay out for an Arai helmet, you will get a lot more than that, but the value exists in another form - your safety.

If you want to buy a genuine motorcycle helmet, let’s go to HelmetsZone. You could find a lot of objective reviews there, and you will definitely get one for yourself no matter what your style and riding purpose is. So let’s go!

Follow HelmetsZone at: https://helmetszone.business.site/
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Re: Automate query

Postby FJCC » Sat Jul 18, 2020 4:12 am

If the active cell is within the data area, you can select the menu item Data -> Refresh Range. You can shorten that even further by tying that action to a key combination using the menu Tools -> Customize -> Keyboard. It is fairly simple to write a macro to update a range but I doubt it is worth the trouble if there is only one data range.
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Re: Automate query

Postby Villeroy » Mon Jul 20, 2020 5:57 pm

The database ranges are accessible via Data>Define... [More Options]
If you check "Don't save imported data", you will be prompted to refresh these ranges when loading the file.
And you can refresh database ranges by a timer.
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