Getting the percentage results from a blood test.

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Getting the percentage results from a blood test.

Postby RichardPrincipal » Thu Jul 16, 2020 8:55 pm

deleted posting the old formula did work, but now the new one does not work
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Re: Getting the percentage results from a blood test.

Postby Lupp » Thu Jul 16, 2020 10:11 pm

I cannot imagine in what sense your formula should result in a ratio that might easily be expressed as a percentage (in percentage format to say).
Are you sure, you didn't mean
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=(high-low)/(result-low) *100

If so the factor 100 is the next point of criticism: It is superfluous then. Simply calculate
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and order Calc to display the calculated value in percentage format.

An important poit would be the arrangement of values: Values being meaningful as a group should be placed in cells of one row wherever feasible.

If you do so, it gets specifically simple to define your formula in a way that you can use it without any retyping in every row. The magic words are "named range" (which in fact is a named formula in this case) and "relative addressing".
Have a look into the attached example. It assumes my suspicion concerning your formula is correct. If not: Adapte the when defining the "named range" as needed - or come back for help.

The advice to group related data in one row should be good anyway.
Of course, you can then also enter and fill down the formula without using it to define a "named range".
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