[Tutorial] Re ordering a list in Calc

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[Tutorial] Re ordering a list in Calc

Postby TomC » Fri Mar 14, 2008 10:11 am

Here's a quick screencast on re-ordering lists in Calc

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Re: [Tutorial] Re ordering a list in Calc

Postby MrProgrammer » Thu Jul 08, 2010 12:23 am

I had to disable Javascript in the browser to avoid something on that web page that kept redirecting it to www2.searchresultsdirect.com/parking.php4. After disabling Javascript, I could view the tutorial.
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Re: [Tutorial] Re ordering a list in Calc

Postby acknak » Thu Jul 08, 2010 1:52 am

Yep--it's definitely fragged. I've disabled the link until we at least hear some explanation from TomC.
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