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Hagar Delest
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[Forum] How to attach a document here

Post by Hagar Delest »

It is sometimes very useful to attach a document here so that other users can test it to check if the problem you're having can be reproduced. To upload a document, don't edit an existing post but reply your own thread so that the others are warned by the mail notification that a reply has been posted (else, the subscribed users won't know that you've added something).

It is recommended to upload an actual document or an excerpt that shows the problem. Upload screenshots only for issues related to display, else, we won't be able to investigate.

  • Files are up to 128KB. Crop them so that you keep only the part with the problem, we don't need the whole file very often.
    If bigger, use a file sharing web site (like mediafire.com).
    NB: please use English speaking web sites, it will increase the chances that other users can retrieve the file.
  • For screenshots, crop them also, no need to see your whole desktop and save them in .png, it's a lossless format.
  • Large pictures are resized if not placed inline, a click on them in the thread leads to the original size version.
Precautions for documents:
Don't forget to remove any personal meta-data: menu File>Properties, uncheck the Apply user data option in the General tab and click the Reset button, then save.
See also that post below.

Uploading the file:
Note that the Quick Reply feature does not show the advanced tabs. You have to click the POSTREPLY button (or click the Full Editor button if you had started a quick reply; the text already typed is kept of course).
Below the text message area, you will find additional tabs, select the Attachments one:
1. Click the Add files button in the Attachments tab
1. Click the Add files button in the Attachments tab
Attach_1.png (22.79 KiB) Viewed 5616 times
2. Select your file on your HD
2. Select your file on your HD
Attach_2.png (9.96 KiB) Viewed 90522 times
3. Add a comment if needed and click the "Place inline" button or click directly the Submit button (if there is no more file to upload)
3. Add a comment if needed and click the "Place inline" button or click directly the Submit button (if there is no more file to upload)
Attach_3.png (27.84 KiB) Viewed 5612 times

Check that all is fine with the Preview button. And submit your post.
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Please don't attach documents containing confidential data

Post by acknak »

If you attach a file, please be careful that it does not contain confidential data (address, telephone, ID#s, etc.). This is a public forum, searchable through Google and other web search engines, most of which will also search inside the documents you attach here.

Work with a new copy of your document
Be careful if you use these methods to anonymize a document, that you save it to a new file and don't save the changes to your original document. Use File > Save As, then give it a new name before you make any of these changes.

Anonymize your data
You can often remove confidential data while preserving the structure of a document by using OOo's Find and Replace feature. E.g. you can use
  • Edit > Find & Replace
    Search for: [a-z]
    Replace with: x
    Options: Match case: YES, Regular expressions: YES
    Replace all.
Repeat the above using [A-Z] and X to scramble the upper case letters, and [0-9] and 0 to scramble numeric data.

Replacing the letters and numbers in a confidential letter like this:
Risa Dodson, Human Resources Director
968-7141 Magnis Street
Westminster SC 81229

November 26, 2008

Dear Ms. Dodson,

In response to your job posting for a Senior Software Engineer, I have attached my resume for your review.

I would like to schedule a time to discuss my qualifications and see how they fit with your needs for a Senior Software Engineer. Please do not hesitate to contact me to arrange a time. I am available by phone at (111) 222-3333 or via email at bob.smith@smithhome.com.

I look forward to your response.
Bob Smith

As requested, my salary history is:

Financial Services Corp: starting salary $80,000 current salary: $97,000+ bonuses

XYZ Software: starting salary $60,000 ending salary: $72,000
Produces this:
Rxxx Dxxxxx, Hxxxx Rxxxxxxxx Dxxxxxxx
000-0000 Mxxxxx Sxxxxx
Wxxxxxxxxxx SC 00000

Nxxxxxxx 00, 0000

Dxxx Mx. Dxxxxx,

Ix xxxxxxxx xx xxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxx x Sxxxxx Sxxxxxxx Exxxxxxx, I xxxx xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxx.

I xxxxx xxxx xx xxxxxxxx x xxxx xx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxx xxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx xxx x Sxxxxx Sxxxxxxx Exxxxxxx. Pxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx xx xx xxxxxxx x xxxx. I xx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxx xx (000) 000-0000 xx xxx xxxxx xx xxx.xxxxx@xxxxxxxxx.xxx.

I xxxx xxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxxxxxx.
Bxx Sxxxx

Ax xxxxxxxxx, xx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xx:

Fxxxxxxxx Sxxxxxxx Cxxx: xxxxxxxx xxxxxx $00,000 xxxxxxx xxxxxx: $00,000+ xxxxxxx

XYZ Sxxxxxxx: xxxxxxxx xxxxxx $00,000 xxxxxx xxxxxx: $00,000
This takes only a few seconds and preserves the essential structure of the document, including formatting, but makes it very difficult for anyone to discern personal details from it. Change the upper-case letters also if your text contains private information in all upper-case.

Remove personal information
If you upload a document, it may contain "metadata" that could reveal confidential information. This includes information shown under Tools > Options > OO.org > User Data.

If you have entered personal information there, you can prevent this information from being included when you save a document by setting the option Tools > Options > OO.org > Security > Options > Remove personal information on saving.

If you change any of the security options, make sure that you change them back to the appropriate settings before you continue with your regular work.

Remove saved changes
A document may also reveal personal information through saved changes. If the document includes the saved changes, someone could take the 'x'ed-out document above and "undo" the changes to get back to the original.

Changes are saved only if Edit > Changes > Record is ON.

You can remove any saved change information using Edit > Changes > Accept or Reject > Accept All, then saving the document.
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mab rossi
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Re: [Forum] How to attach a document here

Post by mab rossi »

The "extension txt is not allowed"

I do not know what else to do. I am a very beginner. May be step by step, if you like, could help. Thank again Mab
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Hagar Delest
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Re: [Forum] How to attach a document here

Post by Hagar Delest »

Put it in a zip file.
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Re: [Forum] How to attach a document here

Post by Villeroy »

Hagar Delest wrote:Put it in a zip file.
Or simply rename it to a .zip file.
Renamed txt file
(27 Bytes) Downloaded 1981 times
Please, edit this topic's initial post and add "[Solved]" to the subject line if your problem has been solved.
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How do I reduce an image file to less than 128kB?

Post by John_Ha »

Reducing the size of image files

You can reduce the size of image files by using an image editor (I use the free IrfanView) to:

1 Resample them to a smaller pixel count

2 Decrease the colour depth. 16.7 million colour images use 24 bits to store the colour for each pixel. 256 colour images use only 8 bits for each pixel and are therefore about 3x smaller. 16 colour images use only 4 bits per pixel and are 6x smaller.

3 Use compressed formats like PNG and GIF for graphics and JPG for photos. Never use BMP.

You cannot reduce the size of a PNG or GIF or JPG file by ZIPping it - it does not reduce their size because the files are already compressed.
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See the Writer Guide, the Writer FAQ, the Writer Tutorials and Writer for students.

Remember: Always save your Writer files as .odt files. - see here for the many reasons why.
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