AOO/LO hang - cannot save any files - Windows 10

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AOO/LO hang - cannot save any files - Windows 10

Postby John_Ha » Thu Mar 28, 2019 7:51 pm

Some Windows 10 users are reporting that AOO and LO hang (stop responding) when they try to save a file with the File > Save (As) ..., dialogues, or when using the Save icon.

The error message has the filename and the location where you are attempting to save it followed by "File not found. Check the filename and try again.".

See [Tutorial] Problems with Windows Defender under Windows 10 for a possible reason where Controlled Folder Access in Windows Defender prevents AOO/LO from saving the file. The tutorial gives two ways of fixing it.

Save as ..., error message caused by Controlled Folder Access in Windows 10
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