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Disappearing images

Postby szwanger » Wed Mar 20, 2019 6:03 pm

I have a document in which I inserted some images; I did a manual copy-paste so that the image itself would be in the document rather than a link to the image file. Today I opened the document and all of the images were blank. Is there any way to restore them? Or can OO tell me information about the images I inserted (e.g. the name of the file)? I don't remember which image went on which page. The backup folder in my user profile does not have any backups of this document, and Recuva couldn't find any previous versions either.
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Re: Disappearing images

Postby John_Ha » Wed Mar 20, 2019 6:34 pm

They are lost permanently and there is no information relating to them.

See a full discussion in Item 16 in [Tutorial] Some useful hints on using images.

You may be able to reciover a previous version of the file - see [Tutorial] How to find and un-delete AOO temporary files for detailed instructions on how to

a) use Previous Versions (W7 and later) to recover previous versions of the file (is there something similar on MacOS and Linux?);

b) recover your file as it was when you last opened or saved it, or as it was when it was last saved with AutoRecovery;

c) find previous versions of the file in the folder it is located in, but which have since been deleted;

d) un-delete the temporary files AOO wrote while you were editing the file, and then deleted. This will recover your file as it was when you last opened or you last saved it.
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