UpdateStyles does not update bullet immediately

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UpdateStyles does not update bullet immediately

Postby TAB » Fri Sep 29, 2017 5:52 pm

Open bigg.odt, based on template big. Parags of style Big have square bullets. Close bigg.odt.
Open template big.ott, modify listStyle List2: change Options>Character to some other bullet, eg, triangular at Level 1. Save file.
Reopen bigg.odt. At prompt, choose UpdateStyles. The old square bullet is still there.
FormatParagraph biga; under Numbering, check RestartAtThis…, hit Enter: The new bullet appears at-last!
If you FormatParagraph bigb instead, biga keeps its old bullet.
Instead-of FormatParagraph, put cursor at the end of biga and hit Enter: a new parag appears, and all 3 parag of style Big have the new bullet.
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