7 pages of #####!!!

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7 pages of #####!!!

Postby StvMuturi » Wed Jul 03, 2013 10:27 pm

I downloaded Open Office 3.4.1 yesterday after getting fed up with Microsoft Word. I've been working on a project on which the deadline is 40 minutes away. A few minutes ago, as I was pasting links into the text of the .odt, my computer hung. I started Task Manager to end the Writer task, which was not responding, and somehow before the Task Manager started, managed to save my document. I ended the task and restarted my computer. On restart, Open Office tried and failed to recover the document. I opened the saved copy and it's all gibberish! I'm definitely going to miss my deadline, but I'm hoping someone can help me recover at least the text of the document. That was two days' non-stop work, more then 10,000 words!
Anyone, please?
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Re: 7 pages of #####!!!

Postby Bill » Thu Jul 04, 2013 3:15 am

If you had automatic backup turned on in AOO, you can recover the penultimate version of your file from the AOO backup. In AOO, select Tools > Options > OpenOffice.org > Paths to find where the backups are stored.

If File History is turned on in Windows 8, you should be able to recover your file from File History.

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Re: 7 pages of #####!!!

Postby Hagar Delest » Thu Jul 04, 2013 8:41 am

Sadly, quite nothing to do, see: 22 pages term paper replaced with pound signs.
I confirm your file is empty now.

Check the temporary folder of the system (see in OOo Tools>Options>OOo>Paths). If there are folders like sgmlf.tmp with a file having the same name inside, make a copy of that file, rename it in .odt and cross your fingers. If you have not rebooted, you might have those files still there.
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