Is this Possible to do?

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Is this Possible to do?

Postby giftsplash » Mon Apr 22, 2013 4:01 am

I was wondering if this was possible to do in Open Office?
I have a list of about 250 words that I would like to use more of in my writings. I would like to be able to have Open Office highlight words which have synonyms with one of my 250 word list. In other words if one of the words on my list is “Myriad”. And if I write a sentence which says “The sky was filled with countless stars” I would like the word “countless” to be highlighted telling me that I can use the word “Myriad” instead since myriad is a synonym for countless and it's one of my 250 words I would like to use more of.

I though of one possible ways to do this but it seem pretty convoluted.

I can get a full list of my 250 words and all of their synonyms and then copy the current dictionary and remove the synonyms of the 250 words from the new dictionary. Then I could run spell checker with the new modified dictionary and have it underline any word which at cant find in the new dictionary (since I removed them). The highlighted word would be a word with a synonym for one of my 250 word list.

I would love to hear some other suggestions which might be easier and more practical.
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