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Everything is #

Postby student » Sun Apr 21, 2013 8:27 pm

My friend wrote a very long paper, around 105 pages, and was slowly inputting it into another document. Her computer now won't let her open it. Whenever she opens the document a little box pops up labled "ASCII Filter Options" and if she presses "okay" the whole document is all "#"

Any ideas on how to get her paper back? Thanks.
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Re: Everything is #

Postby Hagar Delest » Sun Apr 21, 2013 8:53 pm

Hi and welcome to the forum!

Sadly, quite nothing to do, see: 22 pages term paper replaced with pound signs.
Any power shortage for example? It's a common root cause of such problem.

What version of Writer BTW? 3.4.1? Earlier version? What is your operating system?

Check the temporary folder of the system (see in OOo Tools>Options>OOo>Paths). If there are folders like sgmlf.tmp with a file having the same name inside, make a copy of that file, rename it in .odt and cross your fingers.
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