Double Spacing Pasted Text

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Double Spacing Pasted Text

Postby Jeremy Benson » Fri Jan 18, 2013 2:52 am


I'd like to start this post off with I'm sorry, I know this has been asked, because I've been doing google searches on it for the past hour. The thing is there is no clear answers on how to fix it, and I've tried a lot of the things mentioned...


Paste without format Ctrl + shft + v
I tried the search and replace method.

I've been into the documentation, and believe me I'm a advocate of TRFM (read the frig'n manual!), as I'm self taught, and like to keep it that way, but after an hour or two of messing around enough is enough, lol...

I have two documents open in writer.. both are doc file extensions. I cut text from one, and paste it into another, but no matter what I do it seems to be double spacing for some reason! I've checked the format tabs...I've tried register true check box both on, and off, it's currently off....

I have no idea why my text is being double spaced on paste, and no idea how to fix it...

can someone help, I'd really appreciate it...

thanks :)
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Re: Double Spacing Pasted Text

Postby acknak » Fri Jan 18, 2013 3:29 am

First, check the text you have to find out what kind of structure it has:
View > Nonprinting characters

If your text shows no special characters at the right margin, or line breaks (backward "L" arrows), then it's one paragraph with wrapped lines and the line spacing is set under Format > Paragraph > Indents & Spacing > Line Spacing

If your text shows paragraph breaks (¶) at the ends of the lines, then you have a bunch of separate paragraphs and you need to look at Format > Paragraph > Indents & Spacing > Space Above and Space Below.

If that doesn't help, maybe you can copy/paste some of the text into a new document and attach that here so we can take a look at it directly.
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