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PDF Export with Hidden Text

Postby cnihill » Mon May 17, 2010 12:52 pm


I am looking to export a Word document, that includes hidden text, to PDF format.
The problem I am having is I am looking to include the hidden text in the export.
At the moment the PDF Export excludes the hidden text in the export.

Does anyone know if this is possible with the OOO PDF Export and if so how it might be achieved?

Any info would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: PDF Export with Hidden Text

Postby Hagar Delest » Mon May 17, 2010 2:22 pm

Since a PDF is a digital print, I can't see why a hidden text should be printed/displayed. Why do you want the PDF file to have this text?
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Re: PDF Export with Hidden Text

Postby cnihill » Tue May 18, 2010 4:11 pm

Hi Hagar,

For security reasons hidden text should be kept hidden on generated PDF's that are intended to be publicly accessible.
This is working fine as hidden text does not appear by default.

Internal PDF's can allow this hidden text to appear for internal use. This is where the problem lies.

There is no option available to enable the Hidden Text when selecting File -> Export to PDF in Open Office Writer.

In MS Word this is done by selecting File ->Print->Options and selecting the Hidden Text Checkbox under section "Include with Document". Once this is selected and converted to PDF using Adobe the Hidden Text is included.
However, in Open Office when File ->Print Settings -> Options and select Hidden checkbox under section "Contents" the Hidden Text is not displayed when print previewing / exporting to PDF.

There appears to be no option in Open Office to display the Hidden Text when printing or exporting to PDF.
The only way to include it is to disable the hidden text - by Highlighting text and unchecking Hidden in Format ->Character->Font Effects Tab.

Would you know of a method of actually including the Hidden Text when exporting to PDF from Open Office?

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Re: PDF Export with Hidden Text

Postby john_hp » Wed Nov 28, 2012 9:40 am

I am doing something similar: student worksheet, with the solutions/answers in "hidden text" (oOffice: Format > character > 'font effects' hidden)
You can easily display the 'hidden' text with "View non-printing characters" (Ctrl-F10 will toggle ON/Off); very useful.
To save a version WITHOUT 'hidden text' you can simply Export as PDF.
However, in printing, export to PDF will NOT include the 'hidden text'; I've tried all sorts of settings. Sadly, to create a document version WITH the hidden text included & visible, you have to resort to an external PDF generator (such as PDF Creator - a very useful utlity); that PDF document WILL include the hidden text.
Thus, you can create a student version without the answers, for example to e-mail out.
You can create a "teacher's key" PDF by "print > printer/or/PDF Creator; of course, the answers are still stored, and visible when desired, in the oO document.
You just have to be sure to turn OFF the "hidden text" option, in the "Open Office writer" tab, when printing a "student" version, because the last printing settings are apparently saved with the document!!

I usually apply additional attributes (such as RED font color, and a script font) to emphasize the hidden text. In MS Word, I defined a character style "answer_text" which automatically applies the "hidden" and red color attributes. Very easy to apply that way!
I also put fields in my footer for "document:saved time" and "document:printed time" which is helpful for my teacher key, to keep version control clear ;)
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