[Issue] Screen jumps when scrolling down with arrow keys

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[Issue] Screen jumps when scrolling down with arrow keys

Post by wyrobnik »

To reproduce this:
Set View to zoom-factor "fit width"
Place cursor at the top of a multipage document.
Scroll down with the down-arrow key.

Whenever the cursor reaches the bottom of the screen, the screen jumps up by about 1/3 of the screen height together with the cursor.
I find this extremely annoying since the gaze of your eyes is constantly forced to jump with the screen display. It would be much better to leave the cursor at the bottom of the screen and let the text scroll up under the cursor. This is the behavior that you find e.g. Word 2002 and Wordperfect 12.

Does anybody share my view of this matter?
Since I have no experience with posting here, how can this be brought to the developers attention, in order to at least allow the user to choose the default behavior?
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Re: Screen jumps when scrolling down with arrow keys

Post by TheGurkha »

Hi and welcome to the forums.

Yes, that is the behaviour of OOo.

To make suggestions or report bugs, see this thread: [Tutorial] Reporting bugs or suggestions.

There is already an open issue on this, you can register on that site if you wish and vote for the issue. Votes are one of the things taken into account when fixes and changers are planned for future releases. screen jumps when cursor reaches bottom or top edge of document window.

If this has answered your question please go to your first post and use the Edit button, and add [Solved] to the start of the title. You can use the green tick icon at the same time if you like.
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