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Endnotes by chapter

Postby solicitr » Sat May 09, 2020 5:52 am

Should be simple: I want to cluster my notes at the end of each chapter. But I can't figure out how to do it- either they all come at the end of the whole doc, or they're bottom of the page footnotes. And, no, using a master document doesn't solve it.
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Re: Endnotes by chapter

Postby Zizi64 » Sat May 09, 2020 6:52 am

There are Footnotes (notes per pages) and Endnotes (notes for whole document) feature in the AOO/LO Writer, but there is not "Chapternotes".

You must create some similar thing - if you need it anyway - based on the Cross-reference feature. It will not be as smart as the Footnotes and the Endnotes are... The numbering will be manually... and will be many other disadvantages.

Or - maybe - the Master Document will be a possible solution... I never used this feature.
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Re: Endnotes by chapter

Postby RoryOF » Sat May 09, 2020 8:58 am

Place each Chapter in an OO Section and tell the Section dialog to place Endnotes at End of Section.
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Re: Endnotes by chapter

Postby JeJe » Sat May 09, 2020 9:18 am

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