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[Solved] Inserting Envelope problem

PostPosted: Fri May 08, 2020 11:02 pm
Inserting Envelope in writer as #10 envelope, positions sender information about 3.5" to the right and similarly for the addressee.
The only fix I can find is to manually move both items to the left in appropriate positions.

I tried altering the frame positions detail, that change re-positioned the data field(s) but was not saved for a new file.

Is there a way to preset the configuration, so that Envelope insert works correctly?

Re: Inserting Envelope problem

PostPosted: Sat May 09, 2020 2:08 am
by robleyd
Moved from Writer Tutorials - please don't post questions in the Tutorial forums.

Re: Inserting Envelope problem

PostPosted: Sat May 09, 2020 12:09 pm
by John_Ha
The moved frame stays in the new place for me when I save and re-open a .odt file. AOO 4.1.7.

I think the Envelope template is fixed so don't use it.

See p314 in the Writer Guide for how to define your own envelope format.

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