Dead space at bottom of pages?

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Dead space at bottom of pages?

Postby Mushrooms » Fri Aug 10, 2018 3:27 pm

It used to not do this, it just started when I updated and it's driving me insane.

My paragraph settings have not changed between updates, checking them again shows that they are indeed set to 0 on everything so this should not exist as a problem and the thing should just function like it always has.

I am already OCD enough, I'm the kind of person who gets really upset if their paragraphs spill into new pages so this just makes this worse for me. I want it to at least all fit into one page so it doesn't ruin how careful I already am!

Also, this is a related problem but whenever I copy text from an older document and paste it into a newer one, sometimes it'll just decide that one word doesn't fit on the page and needs to be moved down a line and I end up with an entire line dedicated to one word - another thing I go to great pains to avoid, but I have no screenshot of that because it happened on a story that I'm incredibly sensitive about sharing. Just believe me when I say that there should be enough space on the right edge to fit a single word and it fit on the older document so why is pasting the same text here making it do this when, again, I have not changed anything about my settings?

I also googled this problem a lot for libreoffice when it started doing it (and this was also the reason I dropped it) and doing it again for openoffice hasn't given me any results so if it's a question that's already been answered, sorry, maybe I just didn't google the right words?
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Re: Dead space at bottom of pages?

Postby RoryOF » Fri Aug 10, 2018 3:34 pm

Turn on /View/non printing characters to see why the lines are wrapping to the next line (the same command turns the display off).

If you are thinking of the blank line at the bottom of text on page one of your sample, you have a number of options: decrease your bottom margin, change the interline spacing on the paragraph styles used, or minutely reduce your type size.

 Edit: Very possibly the changes you report, particularly if on existing files, are due to font changes, perhaps caused by Windows 10 upgrades of the fonts used. Note that the font indicated on the Format toolbar (top left of OO text window) is the font requested, not the font actually used, which font may be the closest fitting font OO can find. The extension TestFonts will show the fonts actually being used and those being requested by the document in use. 
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Re: Dead space at bottom of pages?

Postby Bill » Fri Aug 10, 2018 4:31 pm

Mushrooms wrote:...maybe I just didn't google the right words?

That's a possibility. I interpret the words "dead space" to mean white space where text won't appear, but there is no white space at the bottom of the page. As a matter of fact, the text at the bottom of the page appears completely normal to me, so I apparently don't know what "dead space" actually means in this case. The small space between the bottom line of text and the margin is too small to insert another line of text.
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Re: Dead space at bottom of pages?

Postby John_Ha » Fri Aug 10, 2018 6:41 pm

Remember that the font showing in the Writer font drop-down selection box is the font the document is asking for. This may NOT be the font being used to create the display because, if the font being asked for is not installed on the PC, Windows (or other operating system) will silently substitute a different font which is available. This is likely to cause line, paragraph and page spills.

The TestFonts add-on is invaluable for finding missing fonts which the document is asking for, but which are not installed on the PC.

You can see which fonts are installed on the PC by Start > Control Panel > Fonts or by clicking C:\Windows\Fonts.

As a new poster you will find much useful information in the Writer FAQ, the Writer Tutorials, the up to date Writer guide and the Writer Manual. May I suggest you bookmark the pages.

Press F1 to access the Help screen and search for your problem

The chapter headings in the manual are:

1 - Introducing Writer
2 - Setting up Writer
3 - Working with Text
4 - Formatting Pages
5 - Printing, Exporting, Faxing and E-Mailing
6 - Introduction to Styles
7 - Working with Styles
8 - Working with Graphics
9 - Working with Tables
10 - Working with Templates
11 - Using Mail Merge
12 - Tables of Contents, Indexes and Bibliographies
13 - Working with Master Documents
14 - Working with Fields
15 - Using Forms in Writer
16 - Customizing Writer – Keyboard shortcuts.

When a pop-up window opens, click the Help button for extensive help on that function - it is often more comprehensive than the manual.
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See the Writer Manual, the Writer FAQ, the Writer Tutorials and the Writer guide.

Remember: Always save your Writer files as .odt files. - see here for the many reasons why.
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