Macro for "GenerateParcels" button.

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Macro for "GenerateParcels" button.

Postby cjcesconetti » Wed Oct 03, 2018 2:00 am

Hello guys.

I researched here in the forum, but so far I have not found what I'm looking for.
(I apologize for any mistake in English, I'm Brazilian)

I want to set up a payment control system.

In my sales form (SaleForm), I need to add a "GenerateParcels" button to automate this process of posting these parcels in a SubForm, with the following fields:

* Parcel-ID
* Order-ID
* Parcel-No (ex .: 1ofX, 2ofX, 3ofX ...)
* ValueParcel
* ExpirationDate (ex .: 10-25-2018, 11-25-2018 ...)
* PaidOut
* PaymentDate

Can someone help me.

I will be immensely grateful.
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Re: Macro for "GenerateParcels" button.

Postby UnklDonald418 » Wed Oct 03, 2018 9:36 pm

Here is a macro for copying the contents of one row in a Base table into the next row
Base Copy Field or Clone Record – Example
If that isn't what you are trying to do, then please give us more information about your database tables and their relationships.
If your problem has been solved, please edit this topic's initial post and add "[Solved]" to the beginning of the subject line
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