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[Solved].odb error in script file line: 5 out of memory

PostPosted: Tue Aug 27, 2013 3:19 am
by bumpercar
Running Base, I have an embedded database...which would not open one morning.

The connection to the data source "database name" could not be established.
SQL Status: S1000
Error code: -78

error in script file line: 5 out of memory

Made a copy of the Database just in case on another drive..and I proceeded:

Changed the odb. to .zip but Windows 7 could not unzip the data folder. I assume it became corrupted.

Downloaded free DiskInternals ZIP Repair

I thought this would repair and allow me to unzip my data file. Ran my corrupted .odb file(renamed to .zip extension) through DiskInternals ZIP Repair...
and the repaired zip (renamed back to .odb extension) opened in Base without any loss of data.
On the repaired .odb file (renamed to .zip) the data folder would unzip with Windows 7, although I didn't have to change anything.

So, I am back up and running with Base. One note on DiskInternals ZIP must save the repaired file on a different drive from the original source drive.