Control and patience

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Control and patience

Postby Ralphie » Tue Jul 17, 2018 3:30 pm

I,m an old / young guy 67... never ceases to amaze me how some programs makes one feel so incompetent.
I'm a part time newbie and I have simple questions for a simple mind for a not so simple word program..
1) where are the fonts on this open office program ? ..cannot find them on here? there use to be a toolbar with the fonts and font size button ..where did they go?
2) how do I know I have the latest version...? not clear at all .. All I see is the same looking page set-up.. I have always had.. no visible apparent changes...
3) when downloading the updates ...I get this message window that says automatic updates are not available so I downloaded manually .. so what exactly happens here..?
does the old version get deleted and replaced with the new version.. why doesn't this program indicate what is happening behind the scenes.. something like...
" you now have the latest version" to me everything all looks the same... honestly I don't see any changes that one would expect to see..
what actually occurs when updates are announced?
way too many blind roads ...
4) are there any training videos..? for this OPEN OFFICE APACHE THING...
Just wanted to add ..I've had this program for many years... and it still looks all the same... extremely difficult and extremely confusing
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Re: control and patience

Postby FJCC » Tue Jul 17, 2018 3:56 pm

1. The font name and size are listed on the Formatting tool bar. To activate that tool bar, go to the menu View -> Toolbars and see if there is a check mark next to Formatting. If not, click on Formatting. If the tool bar is selected on that list but you still cannot see it, try shutting down OpenOffice and starting it again.
2. The easiest way to see if you have the latest version is to go to I just checked and that page lists 4.1.5 as the latest version.
3. When you download a new version that has the same major release number, currently a 4, it gets installed over your existing version, so you will only have one version at a time. Should a 5.0.0 ever be released, I expect it would install along side any 4.x.x version.
There are only a few developers working on OpenOffice, changes come slowly and many are "under the hood" and not visible to the user. I would not expect dramatic changes in the appearance. Personally, I find it annoying when program interfaces change and I have to hunt for the items I want.
4. A web search for "openoffice video" brought up several hits. Please ask specific questions about what you find difficult and we can try to help.
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Re: control and patience

Postby Ralphie » Tue Jul 17, 2018 4:03 pm

thank you... I suppose if one this program often enough.. it becomes second nature
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