[Solved] Deleting files

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[Solved] Deleting files

Postby Jeannie » Fri Feb 02, 2018 5:44 pm

SOLVED THANK YOU I have a lot of letters and files that I want to delete, but I don't know how. There is no delete button anywhere, or am I just not seeing it? I no longer need these files and am trying to clean up my documents.
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Re: deleting files

Postby RoryOF » Fri Feb 02, 2018 6:40 pm

It is safest to delete files outside of OpenOffice, using the system file manager. Normally in that, for all(?) operating systems, one left clicks on a file and presses the Delete key, or one right clicks on a filename and chooses Delete from the popup menu.

Such deleted files may still show on OpenOffice's /File /Recent documents, but as they now no longer exist, they will not open; as more files are opened they will scroll off that list. Alternately, choose the bottom entry on the Recent Documents list and Clear the list; this will now be rebuilt on a file by file basis as existing files are opened.
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Re: deleting files

Postby John_Ha » Fri Feb 02, 2018 6:48 pm

Welcome to the forum.

AOO does not have a "delete file" command per se. Here are three ways of deleting files:

1. While using AOO. Go File > Open ..., or File > Save ..., or anything which opens up a (Windows) File Explorer pop-window. Navigate to the file you want to delete. Press the keyboard delete key or right-click the file > Delete.

2. Using Windows directly. Open File Explorer (or My Computer). Navigate to the file you want to delete. Press the keyboard delete key or right-click the file > Delete.

3. Using Windows Search. Start > type *.odt in the Search box. Click See more results. Scroll to the file(s) you want to delete and highlight one or more. Press the keyboard delete key or right-click the file(s) > Delete.

If you delete something by mistake click the Recycle Bin icon the desktop. Find the file. Restore it.

As a new poster you will find much useful information in the Writer FAQ, the Writer Tutorials, the up to date Writer guide and the Writer Manual. When a pop-up window opens, click the Help button for extensive help on that function - it is often more comprehensive than the manual.

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