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Configurating an IDE to customize an own OpenOffice

PostPosted: Fri Jan 12, 2018 10:40 am
by dev.noob
I am just a Hobby-Programmer. Usually I do program just little easy Tools in Visual Studio 2015 on Windows. Now I thought that i could try to individualize my OpenOffice.
I am used to have a complete project which I can open with Visual Studio and look at the complete code, resources, forms and adjust, change or add some things and build it. Thats very easy.
But now I searched how to do it with OpenOffice for hours. The informations which I got aren't very clear for me.
What I did read is:
OpenOffice can just get into Windows Visual Studio if I download it with a special Programm (SVN) and use two other Programms to convert it to make it useable for Windows - But that is not totally clear for me.
OpenOffice is written in C++ and a lot of other languages - I would need a lot of extensions for my Visual Studio that i can handle this.
I have to write a lot of commands anywhere - But i don't know where to write all these.

My question now:
Can anyone explain me step-by-step how to come to a point where I have the complete Project inside a Developer IDE to read and change things? And how to compile that then?

Well...I would prefer to do that with my Windows and Visual Studio
But: I am open for new things...and I think that Linux could be better for that.
>I don't have any experience with Linux, but I could install it on a Virtual Machine on my Windows-Computer.
So: If it would be better to use Linux then I would need to know which Version of Linux you would suggest. Which IDE you would suggest.
I would be very happy if I could get a complete step-by-step instruction from choosing the right software versions over installing and configurating them right until I am at a point where i can read and change the complete source code.

I hope my bad english is good enough to understand what I am asking for.
Thank you for your Help and best greetings

Re: Configurating an IDE to customize an own OpenOffice

PostPosted: Fri Jan 12, 2018 11:14 am
by robleyd
You don't need svn (Subversion) to download the source of AOO - you can get it in several compressed formats including zip (which is 323 Mb) from Once you have downloaded and unpacked that, you should be able to tell Visual Studio where to look to create a new project based on the source files you have unpacked.

As a hobby programmer, you may find AOO a little more complex than you expect. It will be rather like having built a small garden shed, you now move to building a shopping mall.

If you need guidance on compiling the source, see ... Guide_AOO; unfortunately this forum won't be much if any help to you as we are mostly users not developers. There is a developer mailing list linked from here