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Programmer/Interactive, Network Developer Wanted.

Postby » Thu Aug 17, 2017 7:10 pm

NO GENDER OR AGE RESTRICTION. I'm willing to work with someone self-trained with no credentials or someone in advanced programming classes now.
Work from your home.
Seeking a programmer with experience with interactive, networked, card games like hearts, spades, rummy or poker.
Do you have an on-line or stand-alone program to be reviewed? If not, can you really handle this job?
Do you already have an up and running version that is unencumbered by patents, trademarks or copyrights? If so, with additional coding your software game might be able to envelop the claimed features of the Toss trademarked 8-suited physical deck that is already selling. (see
The deck contains 110 cards yet has the "look and play" similar to traditional decks but with tons more diversity, excitement and challenges. All the PNG files of the cards and potential screen layouts are on hand.
Email t o s s @ u s a . com (no spaces) for a quick flip back so you can see the rules of a 4 player TossSpade game as to how it might be played on the net as a 5-player game. This would be very challenging to program. Maybe you can't handle it?
The computer program needs to be quite intuitive on card playing decisions.
The 5-player game would be killer and set the foundation for all the other TossCard games that could be developed later.
The programmer selected will receive a set fee for completion of networked TossGame or portion of ownership and /or a share of profits thereof as determined and negotiated. Contact via email to receive phone and text number info.
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