Project - help calculate formula

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Project - help calculate formula

Postby sk3459 » Fri May 12, 2017 11:33 pm


I want to be able to enter a word or words in a cell, then in the cell next to it have its numbers shown based on its numerology.

Every letter has a number e.g. a=1, b=2, c=3, etc.

(See attached).

E.g. London adds up to 29... 2 and 9 added together equals 11... however, double numbers shouldn't be broken in numerology, so it stays as an 11.

(See attached).

If you think you can help please get in touch.

2017-05-12_2200.png (4.06 KiB) Viewed 1857 times
numerology chart.png
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Re: Project - help calculate formula

Postby RusselB » Sat May 13, 2017 1:36 am

If you want to pay for this bit of advice, please make a donation to a local food bank.
This appears to be able to be done by using SUMPRODUCT with (or without) a MATCH. I think the formula would be simpler (and shorter) working with the MATCH function.
Regretfully I'm not at home, so I can't provide you with a working function, but this might be enough to enable you to work it out on your own.
If it is, great.... but either way I'll work on something when I get home.
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Re: Project - help calculate formula

Postby robleyd » Sat May 13, 2017 3:04 am

This topic may also be helpful.
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